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Medication Clinical Surveillance (Adverse Drug Effects) Health

Using machine learning to distill clinical insights from

millions of electronic medical records

Providing life-saving clinical insights at the point of care, 

fully integrated with provider workflow

• Medication outlier detection

• Medication surveillance and early prevention of

adverse drug events

• Opioid dependency risk score

• Population based gaps in care

Providing benefits to insurance and pharma companies,

based on crowdsourced non-personal insights


Retrospective Validation

• Conducted 4 Retrospective Clinical Trials (with more

than 1,200,000 outpatients and inpatients)

•Demonstrated that it’s solution can prevent medication

errors and adverse drug effects with high accuracy (75% - 80%).

• Errors found in 1/250 inpatients Rx and 1/1,500 outpatients Rx,

were not detected by current solutions and were associated with

adverse outcome


Pharma Offering #1 – Near Real-Time Pharmacovigilance

• Identify known adverse drug events (ADE) as they happen, in near real-time

• Monitor physician’s response following the ADE

• Follow patient outcome following the ADE

• Build predictive models for patient risk of ADE per drug

• Aggregate ADE data and provide daily/weekly/monthly reports on ADE and outcome



Pharma Offering #2 – Aggregated Knowledge for Pharma

Late Stage Development

• Reduce budgets d/t precise cohort sample size

• Better study design (criteria, sub-populations etc.)

Real World Studies

• Real World data for analysis

• Increased reliability

Personalized Education & Insights

• Identify undiagnosed patients who have a high statistical probability for a specific diagnosis 


• Reduce the number of drug related adverse events


• Market segments penetration per indication

• Map actual side effects/admissions related to ADE of drug A vs. drug B


• Identification of potential sites and patients

• Prescription habits of institutions / physicians


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