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Reporting of Indian Health EcoSystem: Wellness, Diet, Care Health

Full Numbers and Reporting on Indian Health EcoSystem: Public Opinion, Healthcare, Well-Being and Lifestyle Reporting. 


Learn about India’s diet, daily habits, health and lifestyle. We have built strong relationships and continuously updated daily reporting from over 200,000 people throughout India offering a unique snapshot of how the general population lives. 


This data can be useful for food companies, health and lifestyle companies or medical and health organizations looking to learn more about how to support and assist real people of India. Additional information available upon request- full reporting and parameters currently collected is in depth and spread across all major Indian metropolitan areas.  Certain client request for custom questions and outreached may be submitted for consideration.



Structured Physician Data Regarding:

General Medicine – fever, cough, cold, weakness, fatigue, headache, anaemia, etc.

Lifestyle medicine – weight management, stamina and immunity building, sleep issues, etc.

Endocrinology – diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, vitamin D deficiency, osteoporosis, etc.

Orthopaedics – joint pains, knee/back pain, exercise induced injuries, spondylitis, etc.

Mental health – depression, anxiety, anger management, OCD, etc.

Cardiovascular – heart care, high cholesterol, hypertension, etc.

Gastroenterology – gut care, acidity, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD, etc.

Dermatology – skin care, acne, hair fall, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, etc.

Gynaecology – women’s health, pregnancy, fibroids, menses, menopause, etc.

Ophthalmology – eye health, blurring of vision, retinopathy, etc.

Other cases like piles, kidney stones, prostatomegaly, oral care, etc.

Chronic disorders like diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid and gut issues like acidity, constipation are the most sort

after in the list of appointments. Poor and unhealthy lifestyle is the reason for these disorders and just checking and

making small alterations in the patient’s routine helps in providing long term benefits.

Indian Public Health Goals:



Eat Healthy 

Reduce Stress 

Improve SleepQuality

Female Male

`Eat Healthy Reduce Stress Improve Sleep


Teens Young Adults Adults Older Adults Seniors

Train For

Fitness Event

Train For

Fitness Event



Prevent /

Control Illness

Prevent /

Control Illness


Daily Steps:

Which cities in India are more active?

Most active days of the week?

Diet and Nutrition: 

List of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack foods broken down by city and time of day: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune

Hydration and list of how much water people are drinking in India.

Sleep patterns.

Technology Use.

Stress levels.


Body Mass Index segmented by age:


 Underweight Normal


Moderately obese 



Gut Health:





Public Opinion:


93% of the Indian Public Have a Distrust for the Indian Health Care System


+Specific Numbers for All Large Indian Metropolitan Areas

+Breakdown of trust and distrust within Indian Health care system

+ Air Quality



Lifestyle Diseases Growth 2016-2017 (Male Vs Female, Age Groups):



High Cholesterol



We have shortlisted 8 of the top cities to compare and contrast on their health behaviours.

We have looked at the gender differences across users

We have looked at different approaches by users towards health through the ages

  Teens    Below 19 years

 Young Adults   20-30 years

  Adults    31-45 years

 Older Adults   46-60 years

  Seniors    60+ years

Average Steps are calculated with the days that the users have record of steps through the day. A similar 

check is done for water and sleep.

We have also looked at the questionnaire that users have filled out at the point of entry to understand – medical conditions, digestive disorders, goals, BMI


Besides this we have tracked the keywords that have appeared more often in food logs. This data is tracked 



We have in parallel run a questionnaire among our users to understand their opinions on various aspects like trust in the healthcare system, family health, and quality of air, water and food, sourcing healthy food, impact 

of technology.


We have reached out to our users telephonically to understand the users perspective on these issues.




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