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FMCG prices in France Consumer Purchasing

The database contains actual prices of 8,700 fast moving consumer goods sold by 24 chain stores in more than 6,700 points of sale accross France. There are more than 13,500,000 unique prices (price of every good may vary depending on point of sale, even within the same chain store). Prices are collected since the beginning of May 2017 from the retailer’s websites, but the process of building records is performed by people, as only people can recognize the same product in different online shops. The result is complete history of price changes for every product in every localization, and the current state of the FMCG market. Database is updated on a daily basis.  Database consists of three tables (Stores, Prices  and Products) but may be flattened to one table if there is a need. These tables are described below. Provided samples are not compatible – there is no connection between sampled products in sampled stores with sampled price. 




Database details



Stores table




Field Name


Field Description




id_store (integer)


ID of unique point of sale




Name (string)


Name of unique point of sale




Merchant (string)


Name of chain store




Latitude (decimal)


Geographical latitude (if applicable)




Longitude (decimal)


Geographical longitude (if applicable)




City (string)


Name of city given POS is located in




Postal code (integer)


Postal code - part of given POS address




Street (string)


Street – part of given POS address






Prices table



Field Name

Field Description



id_price (integer)

ID of unique price of unique product (described by id_product


below in the same table)



Date (string)

Date of last price check



id_store (integer)

ID of unique POS in which given product is sold for given price



Price (decimal)

The unique price itself expressed in euros



id_product (integer)

ID of unique product which this price is related to




Products table



Field Name

Field Description



id_product (integer)

ID of unique product



EAN (integer)

EAN value of this unique product



Name (string)

Name of this unique product



Brand (string)

This unique product’s brand



Volume (string)

Volume (for liquids and loose bodies), or number of items in the


single packaging, or weight net



Volume_text (string)

Description of volume and packaging like “1.5 l bottle”



Unit (string)

Unit of volume






Confidentiality Notice


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