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US Oil and Gas Data Finance

Data that covers the entire extraction cycle: permitting, drilling, and production data.  This data describes 95% of U.S. onshore oil and gas production and 100% of U.S. offshore production. This data is updated with almost zero lag from the regulatory agencies responsible for governing this information.  This data has demonstrated tradeable signals for:

  • Evaluating operator efficiency

  • Discovering key production trends

  • Forecasting production activity

The data package for several key states and offshore production consists of 110MM Records curated into flat, analysis ready tables and/or provided through a powerful RESTful API

Database details


Field Name

Field Description

API Number

A unique value for wells provided by the American Petroleum Institute

Period of Production

A date range for a specific period of oil and/or gas production

Oil Produced

Oil Production Volume in Barrels (bbls)

Gas Produced

Gas Production Volume in Thousands of Cubic Feet (Mcf)

Water Produced

Water Production Volume in Barrels (bbls)

Well Operator

Operating company of a well (can be tied to Stock Ticker)

Well Status

Latest operating status of a well


Geographic coordinates of a specific well



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