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Uber Commuter Data for Philippines and India Automotive Mobile Advertising

Uber commuter data from Philippines and India is collected from mobile phone transportation applications.

Data collection initiated in February 2016 in the Philippines and Janaury 2017 in India.

Updated in realtime.

300,000 commuters in India (New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai).

350,000 commuters in the Philippines (Manila, Cebu).

Business applications include car sales or insurance research, retail, residential or transit planning as well as preferred banks based on demographics.

Includes highly detailed demographic and geographic data.


Database Details

Field Name

Field Description


Trip requests, we can also provide nearby points of interest


Trip requests, we can also provide nearby points of interest


Amount passenger pays to driver, local currency


Android or iOS mobile phone


Where a commuter works


Commuter age


Commuter gender


How many passengers a carpool driver has transported


How many carpools a passenger has participated in


Reliability score from fellow carpoolers (1-5 Stars)


Vehicle brand and model


Number of seats available


Vehicle color



bank name 

For uploading balance to e-Wallet

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