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Data on Italian Web Interests, Intentions and E-Commerce Spending Consumer Purchasing

The database contains user web activities directly extracted from leading Italian webpages. The data describes with high granularity a user’s interests, market intentions and e-commerce spending on a daily basis. Anonymously monitoring over 250,000 unique users the data is streamed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in aggregated figures. Data is derived from web navigation on desktop and mobile devices.

Database Details


Field Name

Field Description

Unique ID

cookie id that allow us to unequivocally recognize the user on any web device

City of Residence

City from where the users perform the majority of the recent activities

Mobile User

Defines whether the user is active on a smatphone and if so ,we provide the Smartphone type (ios, android, symbian,..)


Device language (IT, EN, ES,...)

Platform Type

Mac, PC, Linux,...


Timestamp of the most recent activity

Personal Interests

List of main topics of interest extracted from web search and  website visits

Market intentions

Products or services the user is looking for

Online spending

Average Euro spent per Day, Week or Months



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