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Consumer Audience Insight via Mobile Apps, Location, and Demographic Data Advertising Consumer Purchasing Mobile

Consumer Audience Insight data is generated from mobile app installs, location/places, offline demographic data and mobile device data for cosumer behavior analytics and for highly accurate audience segmentation. Data can be delivered to any DSP. Total global device coverage is over 800 million devices / AD IDs. Data collection is fully privacy compliant and is Privacy Shield certified in the United States and Europe and complies with GDPR regulations. Breakdown of data is as follows:


Apps Data

       Global scale of Apps Data is 800 million unique MAIDs (Mobile Advertising IDs). 65% US, 35% International. Specific country breakdown available upon request. These 800 million unique users map to over 50 billion audiences across all categories.


       Apps Data is a DAAS product that shows up-to-date coverage of global installs of every App in the Google Play Store.


       Apps Data crawls the Google Play Store on a daily basis and maintains a database of over 19 million Apps with user install rates per App. The data is put into categories based on Google Play Store assignment (i.e. Finance, Travel, Communications) and is available at both the category and individual App Level (i.e. Uber consumers) or any combination of Apps in the form of Custom Audiences.


       Apps Data collection began in January of 2016 and is incrementing at roughly 100 million IDs per month.


       App Data is collected via SDK and is updated in real time and can be provided to an end client via S2S or batch upload.


Location Data

        All raw Location data is collected via SDK and is updated in real time and can be provided to an end client via S2S or batch upload.

       Location data can be appended with Places in the United States and growing database of International Places.

       Raw location can be mapped to a database of 100 million Places in the United States. 

       A list of Places and categories of Places can be provided on request.


Offline Demographic Data

       Partnered with leading offline data companies like Epsilon in order to bring common Demograhic data to its mobile data set. 

       The offline data is matched to MAIDs through hashed email to device ID pairing.

       The Demographic data is primarily in the United States today and contains over 100 million consumers. 

       Age, Gender, Income Class, Home and Auto ownership, Presence of Children, Location, and Purchase History are the most common categories.

       Over 3,5000 sub categories exist, please inquire to receive a list of all categories. 


                                        Data Details

Field Name

Field Description



Consumers Advertising ID

Device identifier for advertisers to use in anonymously


understanding user activity on Android devices

Consumers Created Date

Date that the consumer was created in our database



Consumers Platform

Software platform. Either Android or IOS



Consumers' Consumer ID

The ID that the data supplier uses to identify consumers



Consumers Updated Date

The last time the consumer opened the Application



Device Model

The model of the mobile device being used



Device Model ID

ID related to the specific mobile device



Device Model Manufacturer

Manufacturer of the mobile device



Device Model Synched Date

The last time the software was updated



Locations History Accuracy

How accurate is the logged location from the actual location


based on either GPS or Wifi signal

Locations History Accuracy

Tiers are used to rank how often the locations history is


logged. For example, Tier 1 is less than 50 yards.

Locations History Altitude

Location height



Locations History Bearing

Location direction



Locations History Consumer

Longitude and Latitude of consumer



Locations History Created

Date location history was created



Locations History Horizontal

The precision of the exact location measured in decimal



Locations History Latitude

Latitude of consumer when using the app



Locations History Locale

Local Language



Locations History Longitude

Longitude of consumer when using the app



Locations History IP Address

IP address related to consumer when using the app



Locations History Received

Date location was received in the database



Locations History Speed

How fast the Ad ID is traveling that is logging location



Locations History Time

What time the location was received







Locations History Timestamp

LH Timestamp



Locations History Time zone

LH Time zone



Locations History User Agent

LH User Agent



Wireless Carriers Wireless

Wireless Carrier the consumer uses

Carrier Name


Wireless Carriers Last

Wireless Carriers Last modified Date

modified Date


Apps App Name

Name of the app being used



Apps Number of Apps

Number of Apps









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