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Mobile Travel APP DATA Automotive

A mobile application for travelers with 75 M downloads and 11 M global active users, offers anonymized car tracks, which may be transferred to partners via server2server integration.

Data is not stored but transferred it to a partner within approx.30 sec. after receiving tracks from a device. Data transfer was implemented in December 2016.

Amount of data records: approx. 40,000,000 data points per day

Frequency of data updates: data retrieval time may vary from 1 to 30 seconds.


Database details



Field Name

Field Description

Anonymized device id

A unique id within one full track (e.g. 2767447023)


E.g. 1496177952


E.g. 45.0301051


E.g. 40.9407401



Pricing: $ 128,000.00
Pricing model: Per Record
Quantity: 40,000,000 Records
Data collection period: 10.2016 - 10.2017
Geographical scope: N/A
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