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Stroke and Other Neurological Disorders Patient Movement Data and Analytics Health

Both raw data of stoke patient movements and aggregated data with applied machine learning algorithms for prediction of patient’s recovery are available.


Data Point


1 body skeleton joints – absolute position and rotation


2 Total practice time/distance/speed


3 Number of steps


4 Length/width/ height of step


5 Body’s symmetry


6 Active/passive time ratio


7 Accuracy level


8 Reaction time


9 EMG level


10 Balance level


11 Heart rate


12 Cognitive level




The patient’s data is captured by sensors and analyzed based on big data of other patients and other disorders. Data collected: Time, distance, speed, step count, step length, step height, EMG, symetry, range of motion and more.




Analysis is built on the principles of Neural Plasticity and Motor Learning theories.  We translating these principles into clinical practice promoting biological changes in the brain’s motor structures.




Our data analytics recommend the best practice for treatment and recovery.


Pricing: $ 500,000.00
Pricing model: Per Record
Quantity: 98,300 Records
Data collection period: 03.2018 - 03.2018
Geographical scope: Israel, United States
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