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Acute myeloid leukemia Patient Genomic and Treatment MetaData Health

Whole Genome Sequencing datasets of up to 3K individuals delivered in Fasta, VCF or BAM(SAM) Including personal questionnaire. Full sequencing data sets of up to 3K individuals delivered in Fasta, VCF or BAM. Standard patient question included client can customize as we are still in touch with the individual. 


Most advanced sequencing technology. All sequencing done at CLIA/ISO 15189 Certified laboratory.


The individual who provided sample can be reached again for further customization questioning and continuing research.

 Rich Meta Data, Treatment history and followup records+ contact can be provided

Clinical information

General details

Date of birth



Gender (Male/Female)

Marital Status (Single/Married/Divorced/Widowed)

Ethnicity (African/Latino/East Asian/South Asian/European (Finnish/Non-Finnish)/Ashkenazi Jews/Other)

Allergic on any medications (Yes/No)  

If Yes, what medications:


Allergic on any food or anything else (Yes/No)  

If Yes, allergic on what and reaction type (rash, itching, strangling, heart failure, shock and similar)


Smoking (Yes/No)       

If Yes, how much on daily basis


Alcohol drinking (Often/Occasionally/No)


Previous surgeries (Yes/No)   


If Yes, describe what surgeries

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