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Global Business Database - 15 Years of History Consumer Purchasing

70+ Million B2B professional records with DAU’s
380 Million B2C records with DAUs

Provider of technology user base database customized according to industry breakdown. Data covers industry wide areas as well as data from healthcare industry with data marketing analytics upon request. Data with 15 year history. Data collected on daily bases.

Data collected from:

       Tradeshows, Conferences, Events.

       Offline Resources

       Archived Web

       Active Web (Passive and Active user Data Collection)

       Govt. Docs/Publication House/Business Journals

       News & Blogs and Job Postings


  Database details


Field Name

Field Description

Company Name

Name of the company



Contact Name

(first, middle & last name)

Job Titles


Email Addresses

Business Email address

Mailing Address

(address 1, 2, City, State, ZIP code, and Country

Phone Number

Company contact number

Fax Number


Employee Size

Number of employees

Revenue Size

Revenue as per previous years

SIC Codes

Standard Industry code

Primary Industry


Application type

Technology type used

Web address

Company URL

LinkedIn Links

Contact Person Linked in Link






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