Purchase summary

Transaction Data - Granular data generated from 5 billion email receipts Consumer Purchasing

Transaction Data consists of access to 11 million mailboxes and over 5 billion e-receipts. Data is tied to stock tickers. The data provides the ability to extract anonymized granular information from e-receipts in order to give accurate, real time insights for various KPIs; Growth, Geographical spread, Revenue projection and a lot more. Data is available both on public and private companies in an array of fields; retail (ex: Under Armour), apps (ex: Pokemon GO), ride-sharing (ex: Uber), e-commerce (ex: Etsy) and subscription services (Netflix) around the world. 
Data Details

 The granularity of the data depends on the granularity of  the receipt itself.


Field Name (*if applicable)

Field Description


The domain email was sent from, rolled up to tickers



Transaction Date

The Date of the transaction

Start Time*

Start time of the ride

End Time*

End time of the ride

Mailbox I.D

Anonymous ID, enables reference with other receipt data

Order I.D

The order ID generated by the seller (eliminates duplicates)

Amount Paid

The total amount paid

Sub total

Pre tax total

Fare breakdown*

Distance, Time, Surcharge etc.


Amount or % of discount applied in the transaction

Booking fee*



Type of delivery and amount paid for it

Payment type

Type of credit card / cash / E-pay provider (e.g Paypal)




Country of business

Origin & Destination*

For food deliveries or ridesharing

Country of client

Where does the client live

Item Level


Name of item


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