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Mobile Apps Data Mobile



     200 requests per user per day


     Over 30 million daily active users


     Over 2.9 billion network requests per day


     109 TB of compressed data




Product Overview


App Usage details

Log Field









Exact timestamp: YYYYMMDDhhmmss



Unique User ID

Hashed unique user id, as used by the application servers




Package name of the application




On device install event per application:

Only available in

0 for uninstall


1 for install


2 for update




URL of the store where the package was installed from

Only available in








Usage event

Application usage events as reported by OS:

Only available in

1 - app moved to foreground


2 - app moved to background


5 - device configuration has changed


7 - user interacted in some way with app



Time foreground

Seconds while this application was in the foreground as


reported by the operating system



Estimated time

If the operating system api is not available, the hosting app


can estimate the number of seconds the app is in the


foreground based on network traffic





*Presented log fields are available in addition to network traffic for all applications.





Log categories



Log fields




Record Uniqueness



Unique User ID





Product name


Client version




Network type





3rd Party context





Device metrics







App metrics

Install data








Usage metrics

Time spent


(foreground / background)


App usage


(opened / closed)


Bytes sent


Bytes received


Bytes original











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