What is q Data Exchange?

q Data Exchange is a single-point exchange for selling and buying raw and aggregate data. Data provided on the marketplace comes from different industries. This variety of data allows data consumers to connect new data to their applications and find new insights they were not able to find before. q Data Exchange is also applicable as a SaaS solution enabling a private data marketplace environment.

Who are the users of q Data Exchange?

Any organization from any industry anywhere in the world. Data providers or consumers using the q Data Exchange are companies, NGO, research organizations or public institutions, coming from different sectors and industries. Also, for organizations wanting to utilize q Data as a private marketplace for managing data exchanges with stakeholders we provide a SaaS solution with full customization.

Why the q Data Exchange platform is a useful tool?

Data providers use the q Data Exchange to sell access to data they hold and create passive revenue via automated data trading. These data providers are: organizations currently trading or exchanging data, who are looking for better distribution channels (e.g. data brokers, market research firms) or organizations producing commercially valuable data as a by-product of their core operation (e.g., e-commerce shops, retailers, digital marketing agencies, analytics providers). Data consumers use the q Data Exchange as a single-point access to relevant data supporting their operations. Data accessible on the q marketplace can support your sales and marketing campaigns, enhance app performance or improve R&D. Data provided on the q marketplace originates from different industries and sources such as: e-commerce, retail, marketing agencies, website profiling, sentiment analysis, trends analysis, traffic profiling, companies details, digital health providers etc.

How to get started?

After registering the user can interact in the q Data Exchange either through the user-interface or the API. Data Provider: Any organization wanting to provide data signs up and uses our extensive upload features to upload data of any format. Then all that is left is to define privacy, security and pricing for the entire dataset or segments of it and publish it on the q Data Exchange. Data Consumer: Any organization wanting to consume data signs up searches data by using filtering tags and the search box and selects a relevant dataset. They can then download it in the format of their choice (Push Subscriptions, CSV, JSON, Direct RDBM Connection, etc.) or use our API a query source for their own processes or internal analytics software. SaaS: Any organization wanting to utilize q Data as a private marketplace for managing data exchanges with stakeholders can contact us to provide you with a SaaS solution with full customization. The q Data platform caters for intense machine-to-machine (M2M) data exchanges. For that purpose, we provide a standard API to use for both data providers and data consumers. The interaction with the q Data Exchange can be carried out either through the user-interface or the API. We also support multiple formats, such as XML, Json, xlsx, CSV, geo-Json etc. once a dataset is in the system, a data consumer can extract it in any other format.